Electric Hospital
Shirley Stitch II Edit
Electric Hospital
988 S. Broadway
Coos Bay OR 97420
There are several edit functions:
  • Save
  • Delete
  • Mirror
  • Scale
  • Auto fill
  • Rotation
  • Move All
  • Move Pattern
To Scale a pattern so it will fit in the
area you want on your quilt you can
automatically enlarge it to fit the block
with a touch of the screen.
Editing a design is very easy
with the Shirley Stitch II.
You will learn all about editing when
you take our long arm sewing
robotic classes.
Password Required.
Shirley Stitcher 11

This robotic-controlled system is easy to set up, and makes
placing patterns onto your quilt a simple task. The large, color
touch screen control unit requires no additional hardware, and
allows you to choose your pattern and place the block wherever
you’d like. The complete variety of included patterns can be
used immediately, and adding additional patterns is a snap.

The Shirley Stitcher has been designed with the quilter in
mind.  With software made specifically for the system, you will
feel confident and competent after only a few minutes of use.  
The motor box is completely enclosed to protect those valuable
motors and parts which could be damaged by accumulating
thread and other debris.  The straightforward and easy to use
Shirley Stitcher controller has been designed for quilter

* Set several pattern boxes at one time
* Insert multiple patterns into each pattern box
* Do multi-point pattern boxes (not just squares)
* New cleaner remote interface to make for easier use
* Easily re-start at an exact point in your pattern if needed
* Improved editing features to make your job seamless
* Robust motor controller which gives a higher top speed and
also ensures the motor is more stable
* Added stitcher box features to run off either the TinLizzie
encoders or Shirley Stitcher encoders
* Improved locks to make crosshatching easier
* Improved emergency stop prevents damage


* Easy setup and attachment to quilting frame
* Single motor box to aid in quick installation
* Smooth moving when belts are engaged
* Quick release levers to disengage belts totally
* Fault protection (if foreign material is left on table top,
motors will dis-engage to prevent damage to quilt)
* Servo controls for accurate stitching
* Horizontal and vertical for straight lines
* Adjust speed and stitch length from your handle bar controls
(LS model)
* Corner speed control for efficient stitching


* Hand held color touch screen which can be attached to the
handle bars when not in use
* Superior stitch regulation on the LS model
* User friendly interface
* 160 included designs
* Download quilting patterns from the internet
* Quick “3 touch” quilting (select pattern, scale to size, hit go)
* Able to record your own quilting and save for later

The Shirley Stitcher can be attached to several different quilt
machines. Ask your TinLizzie dealer if it can be attached to