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Shirley Stitcher II Home page
Shirley Stitcer II Selected Pattern 8 Point Star
Shirley Stitcher Boot Screen
The Shirley Stitcher II is a simple robot used to
control your quilting machine.  This has a very simple
to use screen.  After the Shirley Stitcher II boots up it
has 4 simple icons on the top of the screen
    The four icons are:
  • Home
  • Edit
  • Zoom
  • Control
Selecting a pattern is very easy.  

For example, to select a pattern, using
the stylus touch "
Home", then

Touch the triangle to expand the folder
and see the patterns that are
available.  You can then scroll though
the patterns to see which one you like

To select the pattern, simply touch
Select Pattern' with the stylus.

Being able to see the design instead of
just a file number makes it easy to lay
out your quilt.

To view an edit function follow the
Shirley Stitch II Edit link.